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At EIP we develop software systems to support education. Our main goal is to allow educators to focus on educating, while our software takes care of the details. Too often the commercially available software is hard to fit into the practical use-cases we have in our courses, falls short in functionality or is just not up to dealing with our large student numbers. Our products are created for lecturers and students by lecturers and students. This way, we ensure that our software connects well to the actual needs in education. Because we teach Computer Science, we have the in-house know-how to design and create these systems ourselves. At the same time, we offer our students a chance to gain practical experience by helping us develop the software. EIP is a subsection of the Computer Science and Engineering Teaching Team of EEMCS at TU Delft.


Below is a subset of the different software products that we develop and/or maintain. If you are interested in using any of them for your course or programme, please contact us.



Digital queueing system used for labs. Can also generate Jitsi links in case TAs need to join via a video-call.

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Q&A platform like Stack Overflow, where students help each other and build a shared knowledge base.

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Skill Circuits

Structures course material and guides students through it in a fun way.

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Learning management system focussed on programming assignments and digital exams. Students get direct feedback on the code they write. Supports automatic and rubric-based grading.

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Peer reviewing platform. Let (groups of) students hand in their assignments, and let them review the assignment(s) of others. Optionally you can request feedback on the quality of the reviews.


Allows (groups of) students to hand in their work. Optionally you can let your own scripts auto-assess the submissions. Allows you to keep track of scores/grades and export these.


Project Forum

Management of project offerings, signups, etc. Has grouping algorithms that can assign students based on their project and group preferences.

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Allows students and their supervisors to register their Master thesis progress. Support staff can generate reports on the current thesis students.


Teaching Assistant Management platform. Allows indicating interest to become TA as a student. Furthermore helps with the management of our TA-army.


Platform for assessment rubrics. Each course can define a custom rubric. Multiple graders fill out the rubric, compare scores and finalize the feedback and grade.


Management software for GitLab, which can create repositories for groups of students and can give detailed statistics on GitLab projects.


Streamlines the workflow of composing individual exam programmes for students and the approval process by staff members.

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Platform for education evaluation, where courses are evaluated using statistical data, surveys, and feedback cycles. The information is only accessible to relevant stakeholders.


Tool for creating simple surveys/questionnaires.



Chat solution. Within your "team" you can create public and/or private channels to communicate with your colleagues/fellow students.

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Online video-calls. Simply generate a room (URL) and share with others. No installation of software required.

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Platform for collaborative software development. Multiple build servers are available to setup your CI/CD pipelines.

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EIP consists of a small group of people from the CSE Teaching Team within the faculty of EEMCS. Our team currently consists of:

  • Otto Visser Picture Otto Visser Lecturer / Software Engineer
  • Taico Aerts Picture Taico Aerts Lecturer / Software Engineer
  • Ruben Backx Picture Ruben Backx Software Engineer
  • Elmer van Chastelet Picture Elmer van Chastelet Software Engineer
  • Danny Groenewegen Picture Danny Groenewegen Software Engineer
  • Daniël Pelsmaeker Picture Daniël Pelsmaeker Software Engineer
  • Max de Krieger Picture Max de Krieger Software Engineer


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on eip-ewi@tudelft.nl. We are more than happy to provide demonstrations of our products.
Not at TU Delft? Most of our software is open source and can be used at other educational institutions as well. Depending on details we can provide the software as a service.

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