About Answers

Answers is a question and answers site with as primary focus that students can help each other. Students can ask questions and other students (or employees) can provide answers. Questions and answers can be upvoted and downvoted, to make sure good questions and answers take the front stage. Over time, this will build up a knowledge base with useful advice for current and future generations of students.

If you are familiar with StackOverflow or the StackExchange network, this is the same concept. We provide students with a focussed community only accessible to TU Delft students and employees (using Single Sign On). Teachers stay in control and can step in in case fraudulent or hurtful content is shared.

Answers user interface 1
Answers user interface 2


All TU Delft employees and students can sign in to our Answers-EWI site to see how we are using the platform at EWI (Computer Science specifically).

Open Source

Answers is powered by the open source software QPixel by the Codidact Foundation. We at EIP contribute to the development to improve its use in educational settings.


Interested in having a Q&A space for your study programme, faculty or other community? Contact eip-ewi@tudelft.nl.