About Project Forum

Project Forum is an all-in-one tool to connect students to projects, internships and assignments.

You may want to have companies offer internships for your students. Or have research groups offer thesis projects. Or perhaps you yourself as course manager provide the list of topics/projects/assignments for students to choose from. If someone provides something that your students need to choose between or be assigned to, you can use Project Forum to do it.

Project Forum streamlines the process of getting your projects in the system. You get to decide what needs to be filled out and how. Ensure the quality of the projects are good before students see them by making use of our approval and feedback system. Any change to a proposal needs to be approved before students get to see it to ensure that even last-minute changes are to your wishes.

Project Forum proposal Project Forum status

Connecting students to projects

Once your projects/internships/topics/assignments are in Project Forum, it is time for your students to have a look at what is available. Students can browse, search and filter to find the projects that they want to do. Of course, we help them keep track of their favorites too.

Project Forum can work in different modes depending on the needs of your course. Imagine if you wanted to divide all your projects/tasks/assignments over your students in a way where each student gets to do something they like and/or with people they like. And you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of students. With Project Forum, this is absolutely possible, and it will take you less than 30 minutes to make the allocation. Project Forum will determine an optimal allocation and suggest it to you. Of course, if you have specific rules or wishes, you can enter them and Project Forum will take them into account.

Sometimes what you want is not suited for a preference based allocation. Project Forum also has a mode where students are in control of the project they do. And if you are working with groups, Project Forum will also help students in the process of finding group members for the projects they are interested in.

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Project Exploration

Rather than work towards an allocation, Project Forum can also function as a way for students to explore and look around at what is out there. Make use of our exploratory mode for students to just look around. Project Forum makes it easy for the student to get the right ideas about the possibilities and to get in contact with the right people.

Project Forum exploration


Interested in using Project Forum for your course(s)? Contact us at eip-ewi@tudelft.nl.