About Skill Circuits

The Skill Circuits platform allows lecturers to host digital Skill Circuits for their courses. Students can use them to track their progress through a course by indicating which parts of the activities they have completed, whilst getting an overview of how the different course materials are related. By linking course materials also to the materials of other courses, students can experience a more coherent curriculum fitting together more naturally, answering the age-old question of: "Why must I study this?"

Skill circuits user interface
A skill in skill circuits

Modules → Submodules → Skills → Tasks

In Skill Circuits we place the course activities in a hierarchy of several levels to try and make the (often implicit) structure in our materials clearer to students. On the course level, we first define several modules. These often correspond roughly with the larger topics in a course, for example the topic of a week. If we take a calculus course as an example, they could be:

  • Limits
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Complex Numbers
  • Multivariate functions

A module can then be split into submodules, for example in differentation you might want to make a submodule for polynomials and another for trigonometric functions (note: I'm no mathematician ;)). Each submodule then has Skills, these are the main concepts (or skills! :)) that you want to teach your students. In order to master a skill, a student needs to complete a set of tasks. For example the following image shows the skill "Mathematical Induction":

To complete this skill the students should complete 5 tasks. Different task types are represented by different icons and all tasks have a rough indication of how long it is likely to take the students. Three out of the five tasks in the image are links to other sites (like YouTube, Brightspace, or Weblab), allowing students to easily find the appropriate material.


Interested in using Skill-Circuits for your course(s)? Contact Stefan & Ivo at skillcircuits-ewi@tudelft.nl or EIP at eip-ewi@tudelft.nl.