About WebLab

WebLab is an online learning management system with a focus on programming education. It supports a variety of assignment types, including programming questions, multiple choice questions, essay questions, and file submission questions. Supported programming languages include Java, Python, C++, Haskell, and Rust, but lecturers can also provide custom environments (Docker images) to support languages and frameworks of their choice.

The platform offers a rich toolset for course staff and students. Students can learn about the course content through formative assignments, lecture notes, do quizzes, get (instant) feedback on their work, and discuss with course staff about their submission. Course instructors, with their assistants, can design and run full exams to be assessed on campus or remotely. Grading of lab work and exams may be done automatically or manually, with many options to customize the grading and coordinate the process. Other tooling can be hooked up by using one of WebLab's data exchange methods.

WebLab is in use for more than ten years, and it is always evolving due to active development in close cooperation with lecturers. Due to its in-house development, TU Delft standards and best practices are integrated in WebLab's design.

Programming Education

WebLab provides a powerful environment to create and deliver engaging and challenging programming exercises to your students. With an integrated web editor, students can work on programming exercises directly in their browser. They can write their own tests or get instant feedback from (hidden) tests that are provided by course staff. Student solutions get executed on one of the powerful backends, with results arriving within seconds. Course staff may provide code libraries and test code/data, and program output returned by executions may be anything between a simple score, not exposing any details, and a full execution output with fully rendered images/reports or downloadable files. Valuation of the student code is done automatically by running the graded tests against the student solutions or by manual inspection using grading rubrics.

By providing programming education through WebLab, students no longer have to set up their local development environment and can immediately start making assignments in WebLab and progress through the course material.

Programming in WebLab Programming in WebLab

Lab Work and Exams

The WebLab platform allows students to work on course assignments individually or in groups, either from home or during lab sessions. Assignments are organized into folders, and may have time constraints or prerequisites that must be met.

Course staff can use WebLab's announcements feature to communicate important information to students, and students can ask private questions about their submission using the discussion feature. After grading is complete, instructors can share grading and answer details with students.

Students can be given the same familiar working environment during exams. WebLab provides instructors with a rich toolset for controlling the exam environment and guaranteeing security.
With hundreds of successful exams in recent years, WebLab has proven to be a reliable and effective exam platform.

Programming in WebLab


Website: https://weblab.tudelft.nl/

Interested in using WebLab for your course(s)? Contact the WebLab team at weblab-ewi@tudelft.nl.